The Team and Partners


Chris Harrison is an astronomer at Newcastle University in the UK, where he primarily studies active galaxies. He is interested in making astronomy more engaging and accessible, which led to him co-ordinating the Audible Universe project and directing Audible Universe: Tour of the Solar System.

James Trayford is an astronomer at the University of Portsmouth in the UK and is primarily interested in galaxy evolution. He is the lead developer of the STRAUSS code, which forms the basis of Audible Universe, investigating sonification applications for astronomy research and outreach.

Nicolas Bonne is an astronomer and outreach officer at the University of Portsmouth. He uses his experience with having a vision impairment to inspire young people who are blind or vision impaired to pursue science. He leads the Tactile Universe project, and acts as a consultant for Audible Universe.

Anita Zanella is an astronomer working at the National Institute for Astrophysics in Padova, Italy, primarily interested in how stars are formed in distant galaxies. She is very active in promoting astronomy to the general public and has co-ordinated the work of Audio Universe in Italy.

Enrique PĂ©rez Montero is an astronomer based at the Instituto de Astrofiscia de Andalucia in Spain. He uses his experience as a blind scientist to encourage other people who are blind or vision impaired to pursue science. He has co-ordinated the Spanish version of Audio Universe: Tour of the Solar System.

Sean Dougherty is a PhD student in astronomy at Newcastle University. His research focuses mainly on active galaxies. He designed and created the Audio Universe website.

Patrick O'Neill is a PhD student in astronomy at Newcastle University. His research focuses mainly on pulsars. He is developing educational multi-sensory workshops.

Community Partners

At Audio Universe we are very keen to engage with members of the community and experts from a wide range of domains, including education and communication.

We have been working the the VIEWS group Newcastle. Who have provided valuable input on the resources that we have been developing. This is all on a volunteer basis. They are a group supporting visually impaired people to visit their full potential. Donations are welcome to support the on going important work.

We are delighted to be working alongside specialist teachers of visually impaired children and young people, including those from Newcastle Children's Vision Team and Sunnyside Academy. We have also presented to wider community groups of blind and visually impaired people including: MySight Nottingham and the Royal National Institute of the Blind (UK).

Other Partners

We have a partnership with the Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle. We have been developing resources alongside them and a educational program.

It is very rewarding to work with people other sectors, including the composer Leigh Harrison, who acted as musical director and composer for Audio Universe: Tour of the Solar System.