Audio Universe Tour of the Solar System: using sound to make the Universe more accessible

Chris Harrison, James Trayford, Leigh Harrison and Nic Bonne

A description of the making of the planetarium show, lessons learnt along the way and how we applied our sonification code STRAUSS to create the sonifications.

Accepted for publication in Astronomy & Geophysics, in press (2022), a pre-print is available here:

Audible Universe - Meeting Report

Chris Harrison, Anita Zanella, Nic Bonne, Kate Meredith and Nicolas Misdariis

A short summary of the discussion points and outcomes of the workshop hosted in August 2021 called 'Audible Universe'. This workshop brought together experts in sound design, sound perception, astronomy and communication to discussion current and future applications of sonification in astronomy (for research, outreach, education and accessibility).

Published in Nature Astronomy (2021)