Here we provide documentation for educators wishing to run our multi-sensory workshops themselves.

Import Note

Anybody who embarks on these workshops should undertake their own risk assessment. 

A Multi-Sensory Tour of the Solar System - Lesson Plan 1

Target Pupil Ages: 7-11

Length: 1-2 hours (depending on optional activities chosen)

Main Curriculum Topics: The Sun at the centre of the Solar System; The planets (rocky and gas giants); Orbits; The Moon; Day and Night.

Other Topics: Light Pollution; Professional astronomy telescopes; Exploring data with sounds; Blue and Red stars; Accessibility for Blind and Low Vision Scientists

Key Requirements: Projector system and speakers.

Summary: This workshop combines visuals, audio and tactile models to create a multi-sensory educational experience about the Solar System. This was created in collaboration with teachers from main-stream schools, and those who support blind and low vision pupils. It is suitable for mixed-ability classes. It has been tested successfully with students who are blind or have low vision or have other Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (sensory needs, attention deficit, autistic spectrum). 

The workshop centres around playing the audio-visual, 35 minute show, Audio Universe: Tour of the Solar System. The show is used throughout the workshop, interrupted with games, question and answer sessions and the making of tactile models. The various activities can be included, excluded or modified at the discretion of the person running the workshop, meaning that it can last anywhere between 1 and 2 hours (or even longer if additional time is required or desired from some of the hands-on activities). 

Link to full workshop plan in Google Docs