Tour of the Solar System

Audio Universe: Tour of the Solar System is a planetarium show, but unlike traditional shows the soundtrack takes the lead role.

All of the objects in space are represented with rich sounds as well as with incredible visuals. The audience can listen to the stars appear and hear the planets orbit around their heads. Audio Universe: Tour of the Solar System is an immersive experience that can be enjoyed irrespective of level of vision. 

The full flat-screen show is available below. Headphones are highly recommended for the full experience.

A link to the full-dome version for planetariums is also provided below (versions in English, Spanish, Italian, and German)

More about the show

Behind the Scenes

Audio Universe: Tour of the Solar System was made through the collaboration of astronomers, a composer, and members of the BVI community in an effort to create a show that - while grounded in real data - is educational, accessible, and enjoyable.

Data into Sound

Throughout the show, there are many instances of turning data into sound.  These include the sonifications of stars appearing in the night sky and of Earth rotating on its axis. We use our computer codes to turn data into sound - a process called 'sonification'.

Audio Universe on the BBC

Team members Nic Bonne and James Trayford discuss on the BBC the motivation for the show and the wider motivation for applying