Education and Outreach

We have developed multi-sensory activities that cover curriculum content for school pupils aged 8-14 (specifically using the published Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 curriculum in England). The current activities include interacting with segments of “Audio Universe: Tour of the Solar System,” crafting rocky planet surfaces and building tactile models of the solar system. The workshops combine auditory, tactile and visual elements such that a variety of available activities are suitable for children with various levels of sight and/or hearing.

We have begun to travel to museums and schools to deliver in-person specialty workshops. Photographs from these visits are provided below. If you are an educator interested in bringing Audio Universe to your school, please contact us at If you are unable to bring Audio Universe to your school in person or would like to deliver the workshops yourself, we are preparing documentation, including lesson plans and lists of required resources, that we will share on this page.