Education and Outreach

We have developed in-classroom multi-sensory activities that cover curriculum content for school pupils aged 8-14 (specifically using the published Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 curriculum in England). The current activities include interacting with segments of “Audio Universe: Tour of the Solar System,” crafting rocky planet surfaces and building tactile models of the solar system. The workshops combine auditory, tactile and visual elements such that a variety of available activities are suitable for children with various levels of sight and/or hearing.

We have begun to travel to schools to deliver in-person specialty workshops. Photographs from these visits are provided below. If you are an educator interested in bringing Audio Universe to your school, please contact us at If you are unable to bring Audio Universe to your school in person or would like to deliver the workshops yourself, we are preparing documentation, including lesson plans and lists of required resources, that we will share on this page.

Student holding tactile model of the solar systemstudents crafting planet surface modelsmember of Audio Universe talking to a group of studentsstudent feeling impression of a cometmember of Audio Universe helping students with a craftstudent making tactile model of the solar systemstudent feeling impression of a cometmember of Audio Universe talking to a group of studentsfinished models of rocky planet surfaces

Check Out These Other Multi-Sensory Projects!

Tactile Universe

Lessons plans and downloadable resources (including models for 3D printers), all based around using tactile models to represent Astronomy. Primarily for upper-elementary and high school pupils.

A Touch of the Universe

A tactile planetarium show of constellations ("The Sky in Your Hands") and 3D tactile models of the Moon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury among others.

SonoKids Ballyland

A suite of Apps to support students who are blind or have low vision build (assistive) technology skills and other fundamental skills.


A suite of sound-based resources from this incredible sci-art project, bringing the cosmos to you through sound. This includes movies including sonification approaches and interactive applets covering everything from the Moon to the deepest edges of the Universe.


Suitable for adults and older students, access astronomical data from around the world, presented in an accessible way. With the phone App, point up to the night sky and get an audio description and sonification-based understanding of where you are pointing.

From Space to Sound

Brought to you by NASA and SYSTEM-Sounds, listen to some of the most incredible astronomical images ever taken with space-based telescopes including Hubble and Chandra. The images are given a new artistic dimension by representing them with sound.


A series of sonifications based around astronomy. CosMonic combines helpful animations with sonifications with the goal to communicate concepts in an accessible way to members of the public.