Sonification Projects for Research

Other Astronomy Sonification Projects for Research

Within the past few years, more and more scientists have been exploring the research possibilities of data sonification across many fields. One of our goals is to collate international sonification techniques in astronomy. You can find more astronomy sonification projects by searching for "astronomy" on the Data Sonification Archive: 

Below, you listen to a talk summarising some of this work by Chris and Nic from 2021. There is also a link to a longer YouTube compilation of talks about astronomy-based sonification projects, but together by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (including Audio Universe!). Finally, you can also find links to a small selection of sonification research projects (mostly connected with Astronomy).


A flexible and accessible sonification software. Read in data series with multiple dimensions and sonify them with an array of options. Controllable from the command line and with a input file, or with a graphical interface. 


Astronify is a data sonification package for python. Some of its current applications include sonifying solar flares and exoplanet transits. Read in time-series data directly from the telescope's archives, including Kepler, and turn them into sound. 


SonoUno is a software developed with Python for sonifying astronomical data in an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Some of its current applications include sonifying galaxy spectra and gravitational wave detections. Universal design is at the core of this project.

Sonification World YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel has a series of recorded presentations all about sonification (from astronomy and other areas).