Tour of the Solar System

Audio Universe: Tour of the Solar System is a planetarium show, but unlike traditional shows the soundtrack takes the lead role.

All of the objects in space are represented with rich sounds as well as with incredible visuals. The audience can listen to the stars appear and hear the planets orbit around their heads. Audio Universe: Tour of the Solar System is an immersive experience that can be enjoyed irrespective of level of vision.

The full flat-screen show is available below. Headphones are highly recommended for the full experience.

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A link to the full-dome version for planetariums is also provided below (versions in English, Spanish, Italian, German, with Japanese expected soon).

If you do use the show in the classroom or in any other setting with audiences and are able to collect feedback this would be very helpful for developing future shows. We have an evaluation form online here: . There are printable versions of the same form for general audiences here and for school pupils here.

More about the show

Behind the Scenes

Audio Universe: Tour of the Solar System was made through the collaboration of astronomers, a composer, and members of the BVI community in an effort to create a show that - while grounded in real data - is educational, accessible, and enjoyable.

Data into Sound

Throughout the show, there are many instances of turning data into sound. These include the sonifications of stars appearing in the night sky and of Earth rotating on its axis. We use our computer codes to turn data into sound - a process called 'sonification'.

Hear from...


“There are astronomers who have been using sound rather than visual graphs and images. As someone with a vision impairment I really wish this kind of show had existed when I was a kid.” - Dr. Nic Bonne, Astronomer (who has been partially sighted since birth), University of Portsmouth


“Getting this balance [between music and science] right was important for creating a show that was both true enough to the data to remain educational and scientific but also resulted in an overall enjoyable experience for the audience.” - Dr. Leigh Harrison, composer

BVI Community

"I am blind from birth and however much I have always tried to imagine how the space that surrounds us was made, only now thanks to you, I was able to get a clear idea of ​​what is around us ... and it's beautiful!" - Audience member, Napoli

I didn't think astronomy could excite me so much. I felt surrounded by stars and planets and in my mind I have them seen all distinctly. I would like to see it again 100 times!

” - Audience member who is blind, Napoli